Quality policy

Based on the decision on the implementation of the requirements of international standards ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 in the existing quality and environmental system, the director of Experio d.o.o. , Robert Stanić, defined the following quality and environmental policy:



  • Harmonization of internal processes, in the field of machining of all types of materials, and their improvement in order to be able to fully meet the requirements, needs and expectations of our customers and ultimately implement continuous improvement of these processes in a routine manner.
  • All performed activities and processes should be performed highly professionally and in the spirit of good rules of the profession. To this end, each employee is obliged to professionally and responsibly perform the assigned
  • Special attention is paid to the education of employees in terms of quality and environment, with the aim of continuous progress and development, and in order to meet even the most complex requirements and tasks. Likewise, the human factor is placed before all influencing factors.
  • We maintain professional and partnership relations with our suppliers on issues that are of primary importance for business and meeting the needs of our customers, such as: quality, prices, delivery times and the relationship with the environment.
  • In our activities and processes, we analyze all aspects of the environment and assess their significance and impact on the environment. Adequate plans and programs are prepared for significant aspects of environmental protection, and legal regulations are monitored and activities are undertaken to harmonize with obligations.
  • In the implementation of the work process and the complete business of the company, we include a commitment to the permanent improvement of the quality system and the environment, and the prevention of pollution.

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