Opening at the new location

Opening at the new location

They both continued to work independently, under the same structure and leadership, but unlike before - they are now under a single roof.

The objective of this merger is to strengthen the operation of both companies, thereby facilitating access to Croatian and European markets and join forces in facing the challenges that lie ahead. In principle, this merger does not change the functioning or organizational principles of individual companies, but nevertheless provides significant improvement, both structurally and technically. This logical step on their joint path of development also expands the range of their products and services, and enables the production of larger volumes of products with greater ease. What these two companies share in particular is the dedication to quality. This represents the Alpha and Omega of both companies – in practice this means the maintenance of highest standards and continuous investment in the latest technologies of this generation.

The idea was actually born several years ago, but since no suitable hall was found, the merger of Simplex and Experio had to wait until 2014. After a failed attempt to build their own production facilities in one of the business zones in Slavonski Brod, both companies began to develop separately. When suddenly in the middle of last year an opportunity opened to invest in a larger business facility, neither of them hesitated to make the decision and by the end of July 2016, all the issues were clarified: it was the beginning of a new era both for Simplex and Experio!

Since the owners of both companies are family members of the Stanić family - cousins ​​- this step could be described as a family reunification of two companies that started independently in different sectors but have discovered common interests and potentials during their business history.

 "Experio has been in the manufacturing and services industry for many years, primarily in the metal industry, and has well-established and well-developed work processes and plans," says Robert Stanić. Upon his return from Germany in 2008, he firstly founded the construction company Bausch-Stanić together with Kurt Bausch, but his focus changed in 2012 and he started developing the the Experio d.o.o. company. In 2014, he moved to a new production facility on Kumičićeva Street in Slavonski Brod, where he mainly offered water jet cutting, grinding, turning and milling. At the beginning of 2016, the company introduced the ISO 9001 and 14001 standards of quality management. With the expansion of operations and services, the original production hall became too crowded, and new premises were needed especially with a view of business plans to introduce new technologies and buy state-of-the-art machinery and equipment.

Today, the Experio d.o.o. company is among the top Croatian companies in this segment of industry - the quality of the processed materials, timely delivery, fast and effective customer service are all indicators of their good market presence, steady growth and traditionally satisfied customers.

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